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Inguinal Hernia and Bard 3DMax Mesh Implant
Certain types of hernia mesh – notably, the Bard Davol 3DMax – are used especially or exclusively for the treatment of inguinal hernias.

Because inguinal hernias occur in a sensitive area, and because the mesh that is often implanted during hernia surgery is therefore also implanted in a sensitive area, men who receive hernia meshes for their inguinal hernias are at risk for some unpleasant side effects.

Bard 3DMax Mesh Side Effects
Unfortunately, the sex lives of many men have been negatively impacted by the surgical implantation of the Bard Davol 3DMax hernia mesh. This particular hernia mesh has been linked not only to severe pain, but to sexual dysfunction and testicular pain.

There’s plenty of evidence that the Bard Davol 3DMax is connected with the kinds of hernia-surgery side effects that no man wants to experience.

The 3DMax is a relatively heavy-duty hernia mesh device; the 3DMax Light, less so. Both of them have been linked to severe, debilitating pain in patients in whom they’ve been implanted.

The 3DMax is so heavy-duty, in fact, that it has been known to eat away at the soft tissue in the groin and “melt into” the spermatic cord, a vessel that connects to the testicles. Once the Bard Davol 3DMax hernia mesh deteriorates into the spermatic cord, men in whom it has been implanted can experience testicular pain and severe sexual dysfunction.

That’s not what you bargained for when you had your hernia surgery.

But the problems get worse from there.

Bard 3DMax - Health Risks
If the 3DMax dissolves into the spermatic cord, the surgery required to extricate the device can involve the removal of one or both testicles.

That’s a risk that no one should have to take when undergoing a relatively straightforward procedure like a hernia surgery. The cost is far, far too high.

The “sealed” edge of the 3DMax hernia mesh has an unfortunate tendency to tear, and those rough edges can increase the likelihood of post-surgical complications.

More than that, the 3DMax hernia mesh has another unfortunate tendency: it is prone to shrinkage, deformation, and migration. That’s right – it often detaches itself from the surgical site and travels to other locations inside the body.

Bard 3DMax Mesh - Conclusion
The attorneys at believe that the Bard Davol 3DMax hernia mesh is one of the most poorly designed, most potentially dangerous hernia mesh products on the market. If you’ve had a 3DMax surgically implanted, we believe you may be entitled to significant financial compensation – and we want to help you get it.

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