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TheLawFirm.com is a group of award winning, personal injury, drug recall and mass tort attorneys. Our attorneys are supported by a group of paralegals and attorney assistants who share over 60 years experience dealing with personal injury and mass tort lawsuits.

We have recovered millions in settlements for our clients, including some record setting verdicts. Co-founder of TheLawFirm.com Jeremy Fietz is responsible for the largest wrongful death jury verdict in Sonoma County.

If you are the victim of a personal injury accident, TheLawFirm.com can provide the expert legal advice you require.

When you contact thelawfirm.com

Attorneys at TheLawFirm.com treat all inquiries with the utmost respect, sensitivity and confidentiality.

During your free consultation, your attorney will have many questions for you. Please do your best to provide answers. It's also a good idea to prepare some questions of your own. We suggest preparing a list of questions about your potential lawsuit.

We've listed some frequently asked questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't know if I have a case. What do I do?
    Call us, email us or chat with us through the website. Tell us your story and a lawyer or paralegal with years of experience will talk to you about your possible case. It is Free.
  • Do you have an attorney in my area with experience in my type of case?
    TheLawFirm.com employs a staff of experienced and award winning trial attorneys. We also associate with attorneys around the country with proven results. When you tell us about your case, we spend our time and experience finding the right attorney for you based on their skill, training, experience and above all their proven results in cases like yours.
  • How much does an attorney cost?
    There is no cost unless we win your case. All of our attorneys are committed to funding the cases and working on a contingency basis. That means you only pay costs and legal fees if we win for you.
  • How much will the attorney cost if you do win my case?
    Costs depend on the type of case and how far it goes before settlement. The more complicated the case, the more experts will be required to consult and testify on your behalf. Your attorney pays these costs up front and you only have to pay your lawyer back if we win your case. Legal fees charged will comply with State laws and be consistent with those charged by other lawyers.

Advantages of using thelawfirm.com

About Medical Device and drug recall law

TheLawFirm.com attorneys have become familiar with many of the medical issues that present themselves when patients are implanted with certain recalled medical devices or who have taken certain recalled drugs. 

Through consultation with medical doctors and experts and the review of medical records, jury trials and information from the Food and Drug Administration, our attorneys are able to use that information and their own experience to provide our clients with the expert legal representation they are entitled too.

If you have been implanted with a medical device or your have taken a recalled drug and are experiencing problems, it is critical that you seek professional medical advice from a doctor or qualified medical professional. You should continue to work with your doctor and get the medical help you require. 

Medical Device and Drug Website Content

TheLawfirm.com provides in-depth information relating to certain drug recalls, lawsuits and settlements and certain medical device recalls, lawsuits and settlements. This information is not offered as a subsitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis.

We offer the well researched content as additional information that you may find helpful. Sources for all articles are presented either at the bottom of each article or are linked too within the content itself.

More about Thelawfirm.com

You will notice that our practice does not involve suing medical doctors. In fact, we are of the opinion that many medical doctors are often the victim of misinformation regarding certain medical devices or drugs. We rely on our clients medical doctors to continue to diagnose and treat our clients and it is never our intent to interfere with the doctor/patient relationship. 

If you need information on the legal issues surrounding certain medical conditions, you may find TheLawFirm.com to be of assistance.

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