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Attorneys Jeremy Fietz and Ben Adams provide updated legal information on a variety of personal injury, mass tort and wrongful death lawsuits.

Drug Recall, Lawsuit and legal Information Videos

Valsartan Cancer Causing Agent, NDMA

Valsartan and Link to Cancer

Taxotere Legal Information

Taxotere FAQ'S

Taxotere Hair Loss Claims FAQ's

Intro To Taxotere and Permanent Hair Loss

Talcum Powder & Ovarian Cancer Link

Talcum Powder & Ovarian Cancer - Mark's Story

Viibryd Lawsuit Claims FAQ's

Viibryd & Pancreatitis FAQ'S

Zofran Lawsuit Commercial



Legal Information on Various Drugs


Medical Device Legal Information Videos

Medical Devices & FDA Approval

Hernia Mesh Implant FAQ'S

TransVaginal Mesh Implant

Depuy Pinnacle Lawsuit Update

Metal Hip Lawsuits

Jeremy Fietz on Medical Devices

Motor Vehicle Accident & Injury Videos

Canadian Drivers Injured In America

American Drivers Injured In Canada

Cross Border Law

Car Accident Commercial #1

Car Accident Commercial #2

Car Accident Commercial #3

Wrongful Death & Elder Abuse Legal Information Videos

Wrongul Death

Nursing Home Abuse Difference

KSRO Radio show - Lawyers, Guns and Money

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Taxotere

Guest Chiropractor

Debate Libertarians

Closing Private Prisons

Effectiveness Of Brain Games

Alaskan Trip

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