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No cost consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney

Free Legal Consultation

If you've been injured in an auto accident, by a defective medical device or a recalled drug and need some expert legal information right away, Call 1-855-464-0808 and get a free legal consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Many injury cases have filing deadlines so it's important that you get help right away. Our - No Recovery, No Fee - Guarantee! - means you don't have to worry if you can't afford an attorney. All of our attorneys work on a contingency basis so you'll never be charged a penny until we win your case for you.

4 Reasons to Call

  • 1. Learn if you have a case right over the phone immediately.
  • 2. Save money by getting free legal advice from an experienced attorney.
  • 3. No out of pocket fees.
  • 4. Our attorneys work on a contingency basis – you get paid or you pay nothing.

More Benefits of Calling

  • 1. Get medical and other expenses paid.
  • 2. Get the highest possible financial compensation.
  • 3. Learn about your possible case.
  • 4. Protect your job

Call today for a free legal consultation

Whether you need a car accident lawyer, a medical device lawyer, a wrongful death lawyer or a drug recall lawyer a free legal consultation with one of our experienced lawyers can identify if you have a case, right over the phone.

Your consultation with an attorney is always FREE.

Click on the Live Chat box if you'd like to talk with somebody right away, or see our contact page for other options to contact us. Our legal representatives are available 24/7!​

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