Insurance In Alberta

Compulsory minimum third-party liability:

$200,000 is available for any one accident; however, if a claim involving both bodily injury and property damage reaches this figure, payment for property damage will be capped at $10,000

Medical payments:

Up to $50,000/person; chiropractic maximum $750; massage therapy $250; acupuncture $250; all limits are per person, per accident; limit is two years

Funeral expense benefits:


Disability income benefits:

80% gross weekly wages up to maximum $400/week; up to 104 weeks total disability; nothing is payable for the first seven days of disability; non-earner benefit (unemployed person 18 years or older) $135/week, up to 26 weeks

Death benefits:

Death any time after accident; death of head of household $10,000, plus 20% ($2,000) to each dependent survivor after first, plus additional $15,000 for first survivor and $4,000 for each remaining survivor; death of spouse/ adult interdependent partner of head of household $10,000; death of dependent relative according to age, maximum $3,000; grief counselling up to $400 per family with respect to death of any one person

Impairment benefits:


Right to sue for pain and suffering?

Yes. If injury is deemed “minor” under provincial legislation, maximum award is $4,777

Right to sue for economic loss in excess of no-fault benefits?



Private insurers