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Zantac Recall Lawsuit FAQ

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You’ve come to the right place and we are here to help! Our team of lawyers and paralegals has handled many of the major medical recall cases since the 1990s. Our legal team already has years of knowledge, experience, and a track record of success representing victims of defective drugs and medical devices.

Zantac lawsuit - Frequently Asked Questions

GlaxoSmithKline designed Zantac in the 1980s and it became one of the biggest selling drugs in the world. Since then it has been sold both as Zantac prescription and Zantac over-the-counter and ranitidine generic. Most Zantac sold over the past decade has been over-the-counter brand manufactured by Sanofi SA (a giant French pharmaceutical company generally considered the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world).

What was wrong with the Zantac pills?
It is now believed in the scientific community that the Zantac (ranitidine) molecule breaks down in the body to form N-Nitrosodimethylamine (known as NDMA). The World Health Organization (WHO) calls NDMA a “potent carcinogen” and has published this paper about the dangers of ingesting NDMA:

The Federal Agency for Toxic Substances has published this public health paper on NDMA:

Studies have shown that the NDMA in your body as a result of taking Zantac (ranitidine) is many times higher than what is considered safe for humans. This lead to the world-wide recall of the drug.

What kinds of cancers are associated with Zantac?
The toxin from Zantac (NDMA) has been associated with the following cancers:

Why is the drug company responsible?
Unfortunately, drug companies routinely rush their bad products to the market in order to get market share quickly. We believe the evidence will prove that the drug company behind Zantac:

• Failed to adequately research the drug;
• Knew or should have known about the potential risks of the drug;
• Failed to quickly act after it became aware of the toxin NDMA;

In other words, we believe the company was willing to hurt people in the name of profit.

Is this a Class Action?
No. A class action is where one or two people represent everyone and make the decisions for you. In the hernia mesh case, each case is individual and you, with your attorney, make the decisions about the important events in your case.

How much will this cost?
There is no fee unless and until we win for you. We will never ask you to send us money. Ever.

Do you sue my doctor or pharmacy?
No. We do not sue or make any claims against your doctors or your pharmacy. We believe that the doctors and pharmacies are the victims of the greedy pharmaceutical corporations as well. In fact, we expect your doctor and pharmacist to be as outraged as we are that the companies sold this defective drug.

Will I have to go to trial?
Probably not. With thousands of similar cases, it is very unlikely that you will go to trial. 99% of cases like this resolve in a settlement program. In fact, it is likely you will never have to go to Court.

Can I just wait to bring a claim?
Unfortunately, it's very dangerous to wait because the law places strict time limits on your ability to make a claim.

How long will my case take?
While these cases can take a few years, there are already thousands of cases being pursued. We believe that there will be significant pressure on the big drug companies to establish a settlement program.

Will everyone get the same amount in a settlement?
No. When a settlement happens the value will be based upon the degree of injury. You will decide whether to settle your claim or not (with the advice of your attorney).

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