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Nursing Home Care and Guidelines

Nursing Home Care - What to expect

Nursing home Care Standards

The formal standards of care expected from a nursing home are spelled out in necessarily general terms by California state law. In participating in the Medicare or Medi-Cal programs, nursing homes agree to:

Those are pretty general guidelines that only detail expectations, not quality of care. So here’s what you need to know about the standards of care that you are entitled to expect from a nursing home or other long-term eldercare facility.

Nursing home accident prevention

Facilities must keep the resident environment as free from accident hazards as possible

Accommodation of residents’ needs

Residents have the right to reside in the nursing home to which they have been admitted

Care Planning

The facility must establish and communicate a comprehensive, individualized treatment and care plan for every resident. This plan must spell out residents’ needs and how they will be met.

Feeding tubes

Food and nutrition



Infection Control


What is personal care?

Physician Services


Special services

Medical staff

Therapy Services

Vision, dental, and hearing care

What are the rights of nursing home residents?

Moving into a nursing home doesn’t mean sacrificing any fundamental rights. In fact, nursing home residents’ rights are further protected by the federal Nursing Home Reform Law of 1987, which is designed to protect the dignity of every individual.

If you’re considering moving a loved one to a nursing home, here are some things that you need to know.

If your loved one is in a nursing home, and you believe that any of the rights listed below are being violated, contact the attorneys at Adams Fietz immediately. The health and safety of your loved one could be at risk.

Nursing Home Care - Guaranteed quality of life

Under the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law, every nursing home must care for its residents in a way that promotes and enhances their quality of life. Every nursing home must promote:

The health of a nursing home resident should NEVER decline as a result of the care provided by the facility.

The Right to Dignity, Respect, and Freedom

All nursing home residents have the right:

The Right to Full Disclosure

All nursing home residents are entitled to be fully informed, in a language they understand, about:

The Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

All nursing home residents have the right to:

The Right to Visitations

All nursing home residents have the right to visitations by:

The Right to Complain

All nursing home residents have the right to:

The Right to Participate in One’s Own Care

All nursing home residents have the right to:

Transfer and Discharge Rights

All nursing home residents have the right to remain in their facility, unless a transfer or discharge:

Residents have the right to receive 30 days’ notice of a transfer or discharge, and that notice must contain:

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